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The biteplane is an appliance used to reduce a deep overbite, whereby the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth excessively. It works by preventing the patient from biting down all the way on his or her back teeth. This allows the back teeth to emerge naturally, which reduces the overlap of the front teeth.

The biteplane is made of wire and acrylic, which can be removable or cemented in place by an orthodontist. The removable biteplane is most effective when worn all the time. The quality of our end result and completing treatment on time is dependent upon the patient wearing the biteplane consistently.

Key Points

  • Wear the biteplane all the time, except when brushing or eating.
  • Use caution when eating; some teeth may be hitting edge to edge.
  • Be sure to keep the biteplane clean by brushing it at least once per day

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